BNP Paribas Factor, BNP Paribas' factoring network and European market leader, has recently transitioned to BNP Paribas Factor SA Branch in Portugal. The change took effect on February 1st and the main aim is simplify the shareholder structure and reinforce the company's capital structure, in order to make it more solid and capable of providing a better response and more effective resolution of challenges that affect society this year.

“This change to a branch represents a commitment by Factor to the best possible customer service. With this transition, we will have greater investment capacity in the Portuguese market, and will obtain efficiency and agility in responding to the challenges of our customers”, says Luís Augusto, CEO of BNP Paribas Factor Spain & Portugal. “We believe that this change will may contribute to the improvement of all aspects of our business, guaranteeing a top factoring solution for all our current and potential customers, reinforcing our leadership position in the European market”.

The move to a branch will also ensure a simplification in terms of local governance, in addition to guaranteeing greater capacity to monitor Portuguese customers across borders within the European Union. There will also be greater integration with Factor's parent company, in France, which will allow Portuguese customers to have access to potential scale gains in their businesses.

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